18th October - Switzerland against Human Trafficking

Switzerland is a country of destination and transit for human trafficking. Due to the fact that this violation of human rights occurs in a clandestine manner, the population of Switzerland has limited awareness and access to information about this phenomenon which also exists here. Likewise, the definition and extent of human trafficking are not always well-known or understood.

The annual European Anti-trafficking Day, which takes place on October 18th, is an opportunity for the Swiss public to participate in events and receive information to better understand the mechanisms behind human trafficking. Identifying victims of trafficking and providing them with the necessary support requires the help of the whole population.

Together we can combat this crime and protect its victims. Human beings are not for sale!

Let us make the 18th of October the symbolic date against human trafficking in Switzerland.

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An awareness-raising bus was inaugurated on October 18th 2017 in Bern. Since then, it has been on the road in Switzerland and provides information to visitors through its travelling exhibition on human trafficking.

Open your eyes! - Action weeks and information bus

After the great success of the information bus and the Action Weeks 2017, we are planning further events and bus stops for 2019. This time with a special focus on raising awareness in (high) schools, colleges and universities.
The Action Weeks  will once again take place around the 18th of October 2019. Events will be organized throughout Switzerland to provide information on the topic of human trafficking.
The information bus continues its tour and, whenever possible, aims to visit particularly those regions and cantons that haven’t crossed its path so far. For further information please click here!


Please find a collection of articles regarding the counter trafficking weeks and the bus here.