18th October - Switzerland against Human Trafficking

Switzerland is a country of destination and transit for human trafficking. Due to the fact that this violation of human rights occurs in a clandestine manner, the population of Switzerland has limited awareness and access to information about this phenomenon which also exists here. Likewise, the definition and extent of human trafficking are not always well-known or understood.

The annual European Anti-trafficking Day, which takes place on October 18th, is an opportunity for the Swiss public to participate in events and receive information to better understand the mechanisms behind human trafficking. Identifying victims of trafficking and providing them with the necessary support requires the help of the whole population.

Together we can combat this crime and protect its victims. Human beings are not for sale!

Let us make the 18th of October the symbolic date against human trafficking in Switzerland.

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Evento 18 ottobre 2018

In occasione della giornata europea contro la tratta di esseri umani, l'Organizzazione internazionale per le migrazioni (OIM) di Berna organizza in collaborazione con il Dipartimento federale degli affari esteri (DFAE) una conferenza sul tema "Digital technology: an unprecedented opportunity for the prevention of trafficking". La conferenza avrà luogo il 18 ottobre 2018 (dalle 8:30 alle 14:00) presso la Maison de la Paix di Ginevra. L'evento si svolgerà in francese e inglese.

Per registrarsi è necessario inviare un'e-mail con il proprio nome, la qualifica professionale e la ragione sociale alla signora Emilie Ballestraz (eballestraz@iom.int, +41 (0)31 350 82 22), che rimane inoltre disponibile per qualsiasi informazione complementare. Le iscrizioni devono pervenire entro e non oltre il 10 ottobre 2018.


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An awareness-raising bus will be inaugurated on the 18th October 2017 in Bern. The bus, adapted as a travelling exhibition, will then circulate throughout the whole country during 12 months and provide information about human trafficking in Switzerland.

Visit the bus on its next stop!


Qui trovate numerosi riportati dai media sulle settimane contro la tratta di esseri umani nel 2017 e il bus informativo sul tema della tratta di esseri umani.

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